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Viper Plumbing & Leak Detection Specialists is committed to providing professional, quality services that exceed your expectations. As a leading professional Plumbing & Leak Detection company, we offer services for your plumbing, drain, sewer, pool and spa. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to tackle any job. We use the most up-to-date technology and techniques. Our team consist of Licensed Plumbers, expert Leak Locators, skilled Drain andSewer crews, and Pool and Spa technicians. We proudly serve DuPage County for Bloomingdale, Carol Stream, Keenyville, Roselle, Wayne, West Chicago, Illinois! Contact us today for a free estimate and let us take care of your needs at 630-655-3111.

Services We Provide:

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumbing Service
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Plumber Working

Viper Plumbing & Leak Detection Specialists

DuPage, Illinois       

Call Today for service at 630-665-3111

Our Plumbing Company

Viper Plumbing & Leak Detection Services has been providing customers with top-notch service for over 20 years. With professional plumbers, leak detection specialist, drain and sewer crews, pool and spa specialists to care for your home and business needs.

Plumbing Systems are a very important components of any home or business. That's why Viper Plumbing & Leak Detections Services uses update technology, continued education to stay on top of all your needed services.

Our plumbing company experts, can handle any plumbing problems, leak repairs, sewer and drain backups, pool and spa issues in your home and business.

Our staff takes pride in providing professional, quality and efficient services, to our valued customers.

Our staff, will diagnosis, the problem and walk you through, the steps and best options, that will care for your issues.

We offer our services, in the the the Chicago Metropolitan area. We proudly serve the communities of  Kane County, McHenry County, Cook County Suburbs and DuPage County.

Contact your local office, today for an appointment at your home or business. We're here to keeps your home and business running smoothly.

Why Choose Us:

  1. Our team is licensed and Illinois state bonded.

  2. We provide professional, quality and efficient services.

  3. Providing expert professional plumbers, leak detection & drain teams.

  4. Our staff, is there every step, of the way.

  5. Our Leak Locating Specialists, can locate your leaks anywhere. 

  6. We are, one of the few, that can locate and repair your leak.

  7. We can fix any plumbing, drain, sewer, water line, pool and spa issues you may have.

  8. We assess, the problem and offer you, the best options to fix it.

  9. We have been providing services, to your community, for over 20 years

  10. We keep your home or business running smoothly.

Plumber Fixing Sink

Call Today for service at 630-665-3111

Our Services


Our team of professional plumbers are experts in todays plumbing industry. They  provide professional and reliable services you'll come to trust. Our plumbers are state licensed and up to date on new products that are available. They will  install kitchen faucets, toilets, lavatory faucets, sump pumps, ejector pumps, water heaters, outside faucets, tubs, showers, kitchen sinks and more for your home an business.

Our Leak Detection Specialists provide industry-leading leak detection services. We use the latest echo sound and thermal detection technology, to locate leaks underground, under slabs, in walls and ceilings, before they become a bigger problem. We are experts in both leak detection and leak repairs, so you can rest assured knowing your plumbing system is in safe hands.

leak detection services
Sewer rodding

Our Drain & Sewer Specialists provide top-notch services for all residential and commercial needs. Our highly skilled and equipped Sewer and Drain crews are capable of troubleshooting and repairing most sewer and drain blockages, quickly and effectively with a rodding machine, hydro jetter, or repair.

Our Pool & Spa Technician provide professional, quality and efficient services to get your pool and spa back up and running. Our technician can work on your pool filter, pool pump, pool heater, pool sweep, spa, and hot tub system.

Pool & Spa Repair

Call Today for service at 630-665-3111


Reviews from our customers 

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Viper Plumbing & Leak Detection Specialists

Call Today for service at 630-665-3111

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